Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was here for 2012 valentine's day. We reserved the restaurant and apparently you should do the same, because it's usually busy (based on reviews I read). The owners (husband and wife) are Iranian, but the food mainly is Italian with a persian taste. It's a nice cozy restaurant which you can see the kitchen. Smells and feels like home and homemade food. We liked the service. However we didn't like the food! I had lamb chops and my husband had leg of lamb. The lamb was the worst lamb we had ever! It had so much marbling and was really fatty, I mean in a irregular way, otherwise we all know that lamb is fattier than other meats. And the pasta was super garlicky. I love garlic but the amount of garlic they're using is too much! Also, for the food we got and considering the class of restaurant, it was pricey. we paid 74 $ after tax and tip without ordering dessert or wine (it's a BYOB resto). The other odd thing was they don't have a menu. They wrote around 6-7 food names on the board and the waitress explains the all 7 foods to you. I totally confused and just asked for whatever lamb plate they have. It's an old restaurant and we expected to see a nice menu that we could take our time and choose what we want. Also, they only open till 10 p.m which is again a bit strange for a restaurant.
Soup is included in the price and was really yummy.

Liked: atmosphere, service

Disliked: quality of food, pricey, no menu book, working hours

Cuisine: Italian, French, Persian

Romantic location: yes

Address: 351 Ave. Prince Albert, Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-369-6868

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