Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saigon Boys

Hello! I'm back after a long time! I used to live in Montreal but now I'm living in Peterborough, Ontario which is a small town east of Toronto. Few weeks ago I tried a Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Boys for dinner with my husband. The atmosphere were like cheap Chinese restaurant very simple, nothing special. The waitress was really kind and informative though. Our dishes were decorated pretty cute. We ordered thai pad and seafood crispy egg noodle. My thai pad was too sugary and there was tooooo much peanut on it! As you see in the first picture, it almost is covered with peanuts. Don't get me wrong, I love peanut, but this dish had too much of it. I was pretty disappointed, specially since I was told this is the best Asian restaurant in town! I hope this is not true and I'll find better restaurants.

I think this is a good restaurant for fast food asian food, they have delivery option, too; however this is not a kind of restaurant I want to sit in there and enjoy a nice meal.

Liked: service

Disliked: atmosphere

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Chinese

Romantic location: No

Address: 1524 Lansdowne St., Peterborough, ON
Phone: 705-743-4954

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was here for 2012 valentine's day. We reserved the restaurant and apparently you should do the same, because it's usually busy (based on reviews I read). The owners (husband and wife) are Iranian, but the food mainly is Italian with a persian taste. It's a nice cozy restaurant which you can see the kitchen. Smells and feels like home and homemade food. We liked the service. However we didn't like the food! I had lamb chops and my husband had leg of lamb. The lamb was the worst lamb we had ever! It had so much marbling and was really fatty, I mean in a irregular way, otherwise we all know that lamb is fattier than other meats. And the pasta was super garlicky. I love garlic but the amount of garlic they're using is too much! Also, for the food we got and considering the class of restaurant, it was pricey. we paid 74 $ after tax and tip without ordering dessert or wine (it's a BYOB resto). The other odd thing was they don't have a menu. They wrote around 6-7 food names on the board and the waitress explains the all 7 foods to you. I totally confused and just asked for whatever lamb plate they have. It's an old restaurant and we expected to see a nice menu that we could take our time and choose what we want. Also, they only open till 10 p.m which is again a bit strange for a restaurant.
Soup is included in the price and was really yummy.

Liked: atmosphere, service

Disliked: quality of food, pricey, no menu book, working hours

Cuisine: Italian, French, Persian

Romantic location: yes

Address: 351 Ave. Prince Albert, Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-369-6868

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hurley's Irish Pub

I was here so many times with my friends and few times as groups of 10-15 for my friends' birthdays. It's amazing how they served such a big group in this crowded pub. The food is great. In general, I believe here is one of the best places if you want to have fun as a big group. They usually have live music as well. Just remember: if you reserve tables, be there on time or even few minutes before. Otherwise, you're gonna lose your reservation.

Liked: atmosphere, food quality and portion, bear, service

Disliked: -

Cuisine: Pub food (Menu)

Romantic location: Yes, but it's not cozy

Address: 1225 Crescent St., Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-861-4111

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Lucia

I was here with my friends several times. It's a cozy Italian restaurant which cook the pizza in front of you in one of those old stone ovens. We love its tiramisu.

Liked: service, food quality, food portions, price, dessert, atmosphere, decoration (it has these old wine bottle hanging on the walls)

Disliked: -

Cuisine: Italian

Romantic location: Yes

Address: 1264 Stanley St., Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-393-8623

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Asean Garden

I was here for a dinner with my family. For what we paid, it was worth it.

Liked: food quality, price, atmosphere, working hour (they served us food in the Christmas night!)

Disliked: -

Cuisine: Chinese, Asian Food (Menu)

Romantic location: yes

Address: 5828 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-487-8868

1- vegetarian pad thai
2- Shrimp fried rice
3- Fried noodles with shrimps, chicken, scallops and vegetables
4- Salt & Pepper fried seafood

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boccacinos Restaurant

I was here with my husband and his friend to celebrate their graduation from McGill. It was a sunny spring day and we sat in the terrace which was beautiful. My husband and me didn't like the food because it was too greasy. The waitress was very rude, too. She made fun of my husband we he asked about their salad dressings, and later when we asked for our bills, she brought the bills and said "don't forgot that 15 % tip is not included in the price". In overall, we didn't like it!

Liked: atmosphere

Disliked: a bit pricey, service, food quality

Cuisine: Italian, North American (Menu)

Romantic location: yes (if the waitress doesn't ruin the mood!)

Address: Different locations
Phone: 514-861-5742

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shaika Cafe

I was here several times, alone or with friends. This is a great place to eat something or just drink a coffee and chat with a friend. They also have lots of live musics and other events at nights (Live music)

Liked: atmosphere, food quality, cupcakes

Disliked: they can't make a good Chai Latte!

Cuisine: French (Menu)

Romantic location: yes

Address: 5526 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-482-3898

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kanda Sushi Bar

I was here several times and in different locations with my friends and every time I enjoyed the food. But among all locations, I'd like the one in Queen-Mary more.

Liked: service (I didn't like the service in the St. Catherine location), food quality

Disliked: crowded most of times, a bit pricey (lunch price is really good though)

Cuisine: Asian food- Buffet (Lunch Menu)

Romantic location: No

Address: Different locations
Phone: 514-483-6388 (Queen-Mary branch)

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

3 Amigos Restaurant

I was here as a group of 9 for my friend's birthday.

Liked: the friendly service (I think it's the funniest place for having a birthday dinner), food quality, their amazing drinks

Disliked: -

Cuisine: Mexican (Menu)

Romantic location: yes

Address: Different places (Address)
Phone: 514-939-3329 

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guido and Angelina

I was here with my friends as a group of 5 in a winter night in 2011.

Liked: atmosphere, food quality

Disliked: it's a bit pricey, service (the waiter was rudely staring at us and he was late to get our orders all the night)

Cuisine: Italian (Menu)

romantic location: yes (If the waiter doesn't stare at you!)

Address: 690 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-393-3808

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